How Can You Improve the Home Dilation Experience?

I put together this great little resource for people with vaginismus and physiotherapists—a FREE 20-page guide where you’ll:
    • Uncover unseen clues about your fear and avoidance of penetration
    • ‘Hack’ your process a little behavioural science that doesn’t taste like medicine
    • Generate valuable self-insight in 3 weeks
    • Make better informed help seeking decisions 
    • Focus your efforts and conserve your energy 

Hi, I’m Kirsten Loop. I’m a UX Researcher in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I cured myself of vaginismus in the 90s—no books, no internet, no physiotherapy, no dilation, and no help from doctors. I never looked back, until life made me do so. I took a year to examine the vulvovaginal pain research, and I met with key researchers. I found out women will continue to suffer in silence for a much longer before any meaningful help arrives to doctors’ offices. (It takes that long for emerging research to trickle down to clinical practice.) My book explores an emerging reconceptualization of vaginismus and vulvodynia that you need to know about nownot years from now